Language translation is now a great area to consider for a career. In light of our growing global economy, an increasing variety of various languages are being used in business as well as in social settings. The need for individuals with the ability to translate languages is ever increasing and jobs can now be found in practically every industry imaginable for skilled translators and interpreters.



If you are considering a career as an interpreter it is important to understand the basic requirements. In order to qualify for interpreter jobs, you do need to be fluent in the language in which you will be translating. Fluency is of utmost importance due to the various needs for interpretation and translation services. Business, general interpretation and technical interpretation are among the various levels required in this field. Technical interpretation and translation might apply to the scientific, legal and/or medical fields. General interpretation services often involve social events.

A variety of different fields and areas often require such services. For instance, one of the most well known situations in which a translator may be required is in the case of court testimony. It is critical to ensure the witness completely understands the questions posed to them and also that the court understands the response of the witness. There are also many medical situations which may require the services of an interpreter or translator. When there is a language barrier present, it can often be difficult for medical staff and physicians to correctly ascertain the nature of the patient’s ailment. Without proper understanding, the proper course of treatment cannot be prescribed.

While many people often associate interpreter jobs with languages such as Spanish, French, Italian or others there is also a need in most industries for individuals who are trained as sign language interpreters. Sign language interpreters are just as valuable in business, medical and legal settings as interpreters who are trained to translate spoken languages.

More and more businesses and industries are becoming aware of the need for translation services. Language and sign language interpretation and translation jobs can now be found in business arenas, courts, social service venues and government positions. The prospects for gaining employment as an interpreter or translator are now wide open. The compensation, hours and benefits for such jobs can also be quite lucrative. If you are fluent in another language or if you are skilled in sign language, this can truly be an excellent employment opportunity.

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